What Is A Holistic Dentist?

holistic dentist in tampa bayAs a natural dentist or holistic dentist, I often get asked about the differences between a traditional dentist and a holistic dentist. There are a couple distinct differences that categorize these dental practices in one group or another but in reality, it is not accurate to place a dentist into one category or another.
Dr. Rawa Hassan from TLC Dentistry is a holistic dentist that looks at your overall health and body before suggesting dental procedures to you. Quite often, a non surgical approach is used first before recommending more complicated surgical procedures.


History Of Holistic Dentistry

What does the word “holistic” really mean? When we think about this word as it relates to dentistry, it should not be thought of as a reflection of the different techniques used by the dentist but really as an overall approach and philosophy to dental work. The word derives from “wholistic” which means “whole”. True holistic dentists will treat and educate their patients on the importance of overall health and how oral hygiene affects the entire body as a whole.
Most dentists out there understand the importance of oral health and how it affects other functions of your body. An example is how gum disease plays a role in heart conditions as well as how it affects the onslaught of diabetes and its symptoms. However, most dentists out there really don’t understand the long-term effects of bad oral health and what it can do to your body in the long run. The whole goal of creating the field of holistic dentistry was to organize common practices and to focus more solely on how the mouth affects other parts of your health. As we gain more expertise and monitor the relationship with oral hygiene and overall health, holistic dentists across the United States will become more common since the correlation between a healthy mouth and overall health is so strong.

how do i find a holistic dentist in tampa bay


Finding The Right Holistic Dentist

Here at TLC Dentistry in Dunedin, Fl, we put a heavy emphasis on our natural approach the moment you walk into our doors. What exactly does this mean? How can I tell the difference between a real holistic dental office and one that is trying to use the name for marketing?
There are many dentists out there that brand themselves as holistic dentists but really the only thing holistic about their dental practice is the fact they don’t place mercury fillings in your mouth from bad cavities. This is one of the reasons why labeling a single practice doesn’t really work – there is not set of regulated guidelines out there to segment the true holistic dentists from the “marketing” ones. There are a few common issues that segment holistic and natural dentists from traditional ones and they are:

Mercury and Amalgam Fillings

mercury amalgam fillingsInsurance companies cover the cost of mercury and amalgam fillings because this is what has been used for years and the mercury fillings last quite a long time. These fillings are easy for traditional dentists to place and they are backed by the ADA and FDA as being a safe method to filling cavities.
TLC Dentistry understands that mercury is a harmful toxin and any amount of mercury leaking can be harmful to your body. Amalgam fillings place an enormous amount of pressure on your teeth which makes them weaker and more susceptible to bacteria. Although amalgam lasts longer than composite fillings, they are not as safe which is why holistic dentists never use them to begin with. All holistic dentists take precaution when removing mercury fillings and follow strict amalgam removal guidelines to protect the mercury from seeping into your gums or mouth.

Root Canal Therapy And Holistic Dentistry

If you have suffered serious oral damage from decaying teeth and rotting, most dentists will recommend root canal therapy as a means to save your tooth. The only way this is really done correctly is if the canal itself is 100% sterilized and cleaned correctly. The problem lies in that holistic dentists have found that it is 100% impossible to completely sterilize your canal which means you are susceptible to infection and bacteria buildup no matter what. The chemicals that traditional dentists use fr sterilization are also toxic – the bacteria left in your mouth after your procedure can lead to heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, and more. TLC Dentistry recommends a consultation first and will try to use a non surgical approach first.


Holistic dentists like Rawa Hassan are not in favor of using any type of fluoride in their practice. Traditionally, fluoride has been used for many years because it has been argued to help prevent cavities. Research and case studies have proven that their could be a link to degenerating bone problems as well as cancer. Some studies even show there is little to no difference in your oral health after using fluoride. Additionally, fluoride can cause a condition known as fluorosis and that is we fluoridate our water supplies we are forcing medication to the general public. Some holistic dentists will recommend a topical fluoride for these reasons.

Dental Materials And Biocompatibility

99% of all dentist don’t believe in testing their biocompatible materials and do not test to see if their would be a reaction if placed within your body. Every single person is different on this planet and we all react differently to certain things. A holistic dentist like TLC Dentistry here in Tampa Bay believes that what goes into your mouth can affect your entire body and has on site equipment to test for biocompatibility of the materials used.


Its very important to understand the differences in holistic dentistry vs traditional dentistry especially if you are focused on your overall health. Call TLC Dentistry now for a free consultation on:

Mercury And Amalgam removal
Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy
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Our primary concern is your overall health and that starts with your oral hygiene! We are located in Dunedin, Fl and serve patients all around Florida and the Tampa Bay area. To schedule an appointment by phone call 727-785-2467 or sign up on our consultation form here.