Laser Gum Therapy: Little To No Pain Gum Disease Treatment

gum disease treatmentIn varying degrees of severity, periodontal disease affects almost half of American adults. As we age, that percentage increases to over 70% for people 65 and older. Left untreated, gum disease can cause severe mouth pain, increasingly serious infection, and tooth and bone loss. Often, people with gum disease are reluctant to go to the dentist for fear that the treatment will be too painful. But laser gum therapy takes the worry of severe pain during gum disease treatment for patients.

Dr. Rawa Hassan of TLC Dentistry in Dunedin, Florida includes LAPT (Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy) in her holistic approach to dental care. This is a welcome addition to healthy replacements for mercury and amalgam fillings and many other holistically-based dental methods like dental crowns, bridges and more that are part of TLC Dentistry.

LAPT: Laser Gum Therapy That Is Minimally Invasive

Laser assisted periodontal therapy is used in the treatment of moderate to severe periodontitis. This latest, most advanced method in laser gum therapy works through a particular light wave length that’s used to target and destroy unhealthy gum tissues. It also kills bacteria that grow in pockets that have formed due to gum disease.

The accuracy of LAPT is what enables such precise removal of unhealthy gum material while preventing damage to the healthier gum areas. Unlike with more conventional gum disease treatment, there’s no slicing into the gums or underlying bone. By using a combo of laser technology and pure water, LAPT is a far more gentle and accurate alternative to more invasive treatments. What this means is that healthier tissues are conserved, recovery times after this laser gum therapy are quicker, and there is considerably less mouth pain post-procedure.

With so much in this laser gum therapy’s favor, there is little wonder why dental professionals all over the U.S. are choosing laser assisted periodontal therapy as their preferred gum disease treatment. Among its advantages are:

  • Better patient comfort during laser gum therapy, with very little pain to none at all. LAPT also acts as a sterilizer during the sealing of the pocketing caused by gum disease. It deters the return of infections and promotes rapid healing.
  • LAPT’s accurateness and briefer procedural time means more dental patients suffering from gum disease favor laser gum therapy over conventional gum disease treatment. The laser gum therapy method equates to the minimizing, or often the elimination, of pain throughout the treatment as well as post-treatment recovery time.

The great majority of dental patients say that fear of painful treatment is the primary cause for putting off, or neglecting altogether, dental work like conventional gum disease treatment. Those who have experienced the minimum invasiveness and almost-to-no pain of laser gum therapy report greatly reduced anxiousness and are, of course, overjoyed that dental shots are not needed for most patients.

  • LAPT could hardly be less minimally invasive or treat you more safely. While the laser gum therapy is underway, patients are fitted with tinted safety glasses. Unlike conventional gum disease surgical treatments, laser gum therapy eliminates the need to cut into the gums or the underlying bone. With laser assisted periodontal therapy, there’s no need for anything more than a minute laser fiber. This is carefully placed within any pockets of disease found in the gums.

The precision laser acts to disintegrate bacterial substance as well as unhealthy gum tissues, while leaving healthy gum areas unharmed. Infection and diseased areas are eliminated. Healthy bone and gum tissues can then begin the process of healing and regeneration.

  • LAPT is not only a superior way to get rid of periodontitis. It is also a far less painful and advanced way to treat certain tooth decay than conventional methods. And it can also be used cosmetically to remove gum tissue to enhance the look of your smile.
  • Laser gum therapy is perfectly safe. It’s has FDA approval as a gum disease treatment as well as a cosmetic dental procedure. It’s also FDA approved in lengthening crowns and as a way to prepare the dental area for implants and many other dental procedures.
  • While eliminating the areas of disease, laser gum therapy does no harm to healthy gum tissues. That’s one of the reasons that make laser gum disease treatment so well-liked by holistic dental professionals. The result is healthier gum tissue, while it leaves more tooth structures and underlying bone undamaged. Plus, LAPT’s sealing and sterilizing functions while simultaneously removing disease significantly prevents the return of infection.

Laser Gum Disease Treatment Is Superior In Pain & Anxiety Reduction

Too many people put off or outright neglect the need they have for professional gum disease treatment out of fear of painfulness regarding conventional dental procedures and the shots that these may involve. This concern is put to rest with LAPT, which is minimally invasive. And because little-to-no pain involved, shots are not required, alleviating anxiousness in this area, too.

Laser Gum Therapy: High Quality Accuracy. Less Appointment Setting!

LAPT is known for its high quality precision in zeroing in on exactly the area of gum disease that need eradicating. With such precision, collateral damage to healthy gum areas is virtually nil. What this means to the patient is that gums heal much more quickly after laser gum therapy and your teeth, if they are all strong and healthy, won’t be lost to the procedure.

Laser gum disease treatment also eliminates half the appointments that must be set when conventional periodontal surgery is used. Conventional surgical procedures for gum disease require 4 one-hour visits, and several returns to have sutures removed as well as follow-up appointments once the stitches are out. With LAPT, the procedure is complete in only 2 two-hour appointments and, thereafter, just 2 follow-ups finish up everything.

With Laser Gum Therapy, No Drill!

In conventional gum disease treatment, drills are the primary source of pain. Heating, vibrations and the pressure needed to operate the drill all play a part in this. Laser gum surgery has no need for drills, so there’s no drill pain, vibrations or heating.

As a drill-free method, LAPT goes about tenderly eliminating only diseased tissue and does so with none of the heating, vibrations and exerted pressures of conventional gum disease treatment. It replaces the need for dental drills in periodontal treatment by doing the same work far more gently without the heating, vibrations and pressures.

And there’s also the added benefit of no drill whining incessantly next to your head for hours. It is the heat, vibration and pressure that cause pain. Count all these advantages of superior accuracy, faster work and a more quiet procedure, and it’s no wonder so many patients now opt for laser gum therapy.

LAPT: Far Less Medicinal Concerns

With laser gum therapy, there are no safety concerns or limitations for people with health issues. And it isn’t necessary for people who take blood thinners to stop taking them prior to their LAPT visit, whether the medication is prescription or over-the-counter aspirin. And while smoking is never medically recommended, for those who do, laser gum treatment is preferred because gum recession occurs much less with LAPT.

Recovering From Your Laser Gum Therapy

Recovering after your procedure is vastly improved over conventional gum disease surgical methods. You will feel very little to no pain. Post-procedural sensitiveness, swelling and bleeding are also virtually unseen, which means medication for post-procedure discomfort is also dramatically reduced. Some patients report needing none at all!

It’s the preciseness of laser gum disease treatment, along with the sterilizing and sealing effects of laser assisted periodontal therapy that dramatically reduces the usual post-procedure pain and inconveniences that follow conventional gum disease surgery. The majority of people have recovered from their laser gum therapy well within twenty-four hours. In fact, most are feeling fine immediately after their LAPT.

The Promotions of Healthy Gum Tissues & Their Re-Growth

Laser gum therapy is a boon to the body’s natural desire to immediately begin repairs where the diseased gum tissues have been removed. There’s no need for the body to work harder in healing, as it does in conventional periodontal surgery. Since laser assisted periodontal therapy preserves far more of the gum’s healthy areas that conventional methods, the body gets a giant head start in healing. Adding to this boost is laser gun therapy’s sealing of the unhealthy areas after removing all infection. This prevents re-infection and adds another enhancement to the body’s natural healing power.

As your laser gum therapy finishes up, LAPT applies one more cleaning and sterilization to the treated areas and seals them with a strategic blood clot. It’s this sealing that deters any return of infection, promoting the healthy regeneration of new gum tissue and bone. It is not unusual at all for people who have undergone laser gum therapy to experience the re-growing of new bone that returns to stabilize tooth structures.

Gum Disease Treatment Through LAPT: Consistent, Superior Outcomes

Laser gum therapy ensures outcomes that are consistent and superior. It excels in eliminating periodontal bacteria and in enabling healthy gum tissue to begin growing again in the treated areas, promoting the re-growth of surrounding tissues. You’ll permanently get your healthy, natural smile returned to you.

Laser gum therapy doesn’t cause loss of the surrounding, healthier gum or bone tissues, something that usually happens in every traditional surgery treatment. This is critical, since losing the healthier tissues often exposes the roots of teeth. This leads to heightened tooth sensitivity as well as higher chances of tooth decay.

A Superior Aesthetic Result

There’s no way around it. Conventional gum disease surgical treatment has to slice away even healthy tissue in order to get to every part of the infected pockets that harbor the bacteria that causes periodontitis. With the slicing away of healthy tissue comes receding gums, which frequently leads to tooth root exposure. This isn’t just unattractive. It also exposes you to painful tooth sensitivity.

But laser gum therapy improves gum line appearances through the preservation of healthier tissues, while healing diseased pockets with no need cut away healthy tissue and invite receding gum lines. This basic part of LAPT is what also makes it an excellent tool for cosmetic dentistry for procedures like lengthening dental crowns or creating better gum contours to reduce the appearance of “gummy smiles.”

Finding Laser Gum Therapy At TLC Dentistry

Dr. Rawa Hassan and all the experienced dental professionals of TLC Dentistry in Dunedin are proud to include laser assisted periodontal therapy as part of TLC’s holistic approach to healthier dental procedures. To learn more about Dr. Hassan’s holistic practice and philosophy, CLICK HERE.

If you or a loved one is suffering from gum disease, laser gum therapy is the answer to virtually painless treatment and little to no recovery time. Call TLC Dentistry at (727) 785-2467 or use our Contact Page. Dr. Hassan and her staff at TLC Dentistry are highly qualified to serve you, and look forward to your call.