There is already a great deal of fear, confusion, and apprehension regarding dentistry and dental work, adding to it the many types of dentists there are it can make it all seem overwhelming! Of all your local dental experts, one of the growing dental areas is holistic dentistry. If you feel a bit confused about what a holistic dentist does then you are not alone. It’s easy to be confused by what that term means, especially since there are many who claim to be holistic experts but are far from such. With more and more patients searching for a better way to do density and with more research supporting the idea that oral health impacts the health of the entire body, it is no wonder more people are coming to their local dental experts here at TLC Dentistry and asking for our holistic approach!

Holistic Dentistry

While there are many things dentists look for, work on, and focus on, those who are true holistic dentists have certain things in common. First and foremost, they do have a post-graduate degree from a reputable and recognized program for dentistry. Someone who has ever been to basic dental school can claim to be a holistic dentist. They are all certified as Doctors of Dental Surgery or as Doctors of Dental Medicine. An easy way to check the authenticity of someone claiming to be a certified expert in holistic dentistry is to ask about their accreditation.  Someone who can’t satisfy your concerns about their education or training is not someone you want working on your teeth and you should look for the true local dental experts!

Dentistry Done Differently

However, an official School for Holistic Dentistry does not exist- there is no specific advanced dental training program that can be perused. A holistic dentist is someone who has completed the training needed to be a certified dental professional and has decided to approach dentistry with the ideology that what happens to the mouth and what is done in dental work can affect the rest of the body. Often, they come to this conclusion through their own experiences or those of their patients. They often have an additional certificate and specialized training and hone their practice to focus on these skill sets and needs so the longer they have been practicing the more patients they will have worked with and the more experience they will have. It is important to make sure you are working with local dental experts who are experienced!

TLC Dentistry-Local Dental Experts

While there are a number of things those in holistic dentistry focus on there are several consistent hallmarks that they all embrace that can help you determine if they are legit or not. Here at TLC Dentistry, we believe in a holistic approach that includes avoiding and replacing mercury fillings, treating oral health issues, minimizing tooth loss, fixing tooth damage with minimally invasive procedures, and a strong focus on day to day oral health management. If you want local dental experts who are experienced in holistic dentistry then come see the difference we can make for you and your family today!