The Use of Zirconia in Today’s Holistic Dental Implant Choices

using zirconia in dental implant devicesHealthy teeth are important to overall health and wellness. They help to form the foundation of an attractive face, and are influential to good health. Our teeth help us with eating and speech, as well as affect jaw position and posture, which affects the look of a person’s face. They also can impact other issues, such as breathing. TLC Dentistry, a holistic dental practice in Dunedin, Florida, takes a closer look at how today’s dental implant choices have improved these issues in ways never before possible.

Holistic dentistry balances effective methods of dentistry, both traditional and advanced, with a natural approach to resolving patients’ dental problems. This means taking the best modern developments in all procedures -from the simply cosmetic, to dental implants for tooth replacement, to treating conditions like periodontal disease– and applying them in such a way that they achieve a truly healthy and holistic outcome.

Using Zirconia in Today’s Holistic Dental Implant Choices

Today’s dental implant choices resolve a multitude of dental health issues. Missing teeth can lead to shifting of the remaining teeth and the collapse of the bite. This eventually will result in serious health complications that can include things like headache, neck pain, and breathing and sleep disorders.

Infections and other serious complications can also happen from poor dental health. This is why it is so very important to protect the teeth and maintain a healthy mouth. Over the years, the procedures and methods available have advanced and improved, and dental professionals have developed a number of practical, comfortable, functional, and affordable ways to replace missing teeth. The most advanced of these include dental implant choices.

Today’s most popular dental implant choices use zirconia compounds. TLC Dentistry is pleased to be using zirconia in dental implant devices that we offer to our patients.

Dental Implant Choices

Besides the most common procedures that many patients come to TLC for, Dr. Rawa Hassan and her staff are also highly skilled in dental implant methods. For a more natural feel, many patients are opting to go with newer designs and materials which result in dental implant choices that last longer and hold up to the wear and tear of daily use more effectively.

Traditional dental implant choices used either precious or non precious metals with a layer of porcelain. These were fused for function and aesthetics. They have been used for decades, but now newer advances are presenting more aesthetically pleasing options.

Dental implant choices offer a superior option to consider seriously when replacing missing teeth. They can used to replace either single or multiple teeth quickly and with less risk for damage or complications than more involved procedures, like bridges and root canals. Modern dental implant choices can strengthen adjacent teeth as well as protect the bone and structure of the jaw without annoying or unsightly metal clasps. Because implants feel like natural teeth, they provide good chewing surface, bite strength, and an aesthetically pleasing look.

Implant Basics

In its most simple form, an implant is an artificial tooth root. It is replaces rotted or diseased tooth roots in the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth. It is then covered with a realistic looking cap on top. Implants consist of three main parts: the implant itself, the abutment that carries the crown, and the crown, which is the visible portion that looks like the original tooth.

Implants have been widely used in the dental profession for more than forty years, with a retention success rate nearing ninety-five percent. More than four decades of scientific research and clinical experience are opening doors to improved treatments and dental implant choices that make implants even more successful than they were in the past.

Traditionally, titanium has prevailed as the base material for dental implant choices because this lightweight and highly resistant metal is well tolerated biologically. However there are more and more patients who have sensitivity to metals and therefore need other options. This is where zirconia is proving to be very viable for patients’ dental implant choices. Using zirconia in dental implant devices has opened up the advantages of dental implants to more people than ever before.

Zirconia implants

These new ceramic dental implants, also known as zirconia dental implants, offer a potentially more aesthetic and tissue-friendly alternative for those who want other options for their dental work. Using zirconia in dental implant devices is an excellent choice for people with sensitivity to metals. Zirconia dental implants are made from special, industrial, high impact resistant ceramic, a compound often used in artificial joints and surgical pins, as well as in aerospace engineering, because of its high resistance to fracture and heat.

The FDA has recently approved of zirconia implants, opening more options in dental implant choices. This is the same material that doctors have used for years to replace hip joints. Using zirconia in dental implant devices helps ceramic implants retain less plaque and tartar than titanium. This results in healthier gums and overall health. In addition, the rough surface of zirconium integrates or attaches itself exceedingly well to the jawbone.

Because of their ease of use and compatibility with the human body, zirconium oxide implants offer dental patients a viable alternative to the traditional used of metal implants. The ceramic implants have already made their mark for years elsewhere in the world, and are finally making waves here in the United States.

Studies show that the osseointegration of zirconia and titanium implants is very similar. Osseointegration is the healthy process of bone growing right up to the implant surface. In addition, zirconia implants have a comparable survival rate, making them an excellent alternative to metal implants. When you think about the possible side effects and negative reactions patients may have to metal implants, using zirconia-based dental implant choices make sense and make using zirconia in dental implant devices an excellent option.

Studies and new research show that there is a greater chance of long term success with an implant and a crown than with other more invasive dental procedures. Using zirconia in dental implant devices is changing the way dental professionals treat a range of dental needs. With improved dental implant choices comes better quality of life.

To learn more about zirconia as a viable player in dental implant choices, as well as all other sound, holistic dental services at TLC Dentistry, contact us today at (727) 785-2467. See how our range of holistic treatment options can change your life for the better!