Safe Amalgam Removal

mercury and amalgam removal dr rawa hassanWhy Choose Safe Amalgam Removal?

Back in the 1840’s dentists discovered a way to fill your cavities with silver and mercury so that when pressed into the affected cavity it would harden into a filling that lasted for many years. What patients did not know is that there is more mercury in them than silver. this material is actually called amalgam. In the 1980’s there was a new composite material as well as a new teeth bonding material still used in today’s dentistry. although dangerous to may, some dentists still use amalgam in their fillings. TLC Dentistry and Dr Rawa believe that composite fillings are best for your overall heath so that is what we use today.

Amalgam Removal Process

1.  Galvanic Testing-Your metal fillings in your mouth can be described as little tiny batteries in your mouth because they are composed of dissimilar metals in saliva. The warm environment of your mouth creates the perfect temperature for bacteria to grow and its also a perfect atmosphere for an electrical environment. Your fillings are actually capacitors so the galvanic testing is used to capture how much electrical discharge your fillings are releasing. This reading establishes the order in which your fillings need to be replaced.

2. Eye Protection- Safety googles are used to prevent metal particles from entering your eyes during the procedure.

3. Oxygen- Provide alternate source of air (oxygen) to patient via nasal mask.

4. Rubber Dam- Isolate quadrant (tooth) to be treated with a rubber dam prevents mercury from settling in soft tissues in your mouth.

5. Amalgam Filling Sectioning –We use carbide cutting burs to get the mercury and amalgam out of your mouth.

6. Water – Copious amounts of cold water will be constantly sprayed on the filling as its being sectioned out and to keep it cool during procedure

7. High And Low Speed Suctioning-  (low suction under the rubber dam and high speed suction aspirating next to tooth being treated.)

8. Negative Ion Generators –  Negative ion generators provide a negative electrical charge that bombards the airborne mercury and neutralizes its charge.

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Learn About Mercury Removal

Scientists agree that dental amalgam fillings (also known as silver or metal fillings which contain 50% mercury) do leach mercury into the mouth, and may contribute too many health issues. Bishphenol A, better known as BPA, is a controversial chemical found in plastics which has also been linked to health illnesses. Dental resin materials, like composite fillings and bondings, contain BPA. Similar to metal fillings that leach mercury, studies found oral enzymes from saliva release BPA from resin dental materials.
We are one of the few practices in Dunedin and Tampa Bay to follow IAOMT guidelines for safe mercury amalgam removal. This means that we are trained to remove these metal fillings, and have specialized tools and protocols to keep you, us, and our environment safe. Without these precautions, your body ingests or inhales the mercury vapor, which can lead to mercury toxicity.

Top 3 Reasons To Choose Amalgam Removal By TLC Dentistry

mercury removal dentist

There Is No Safe Or Harmless Level Of Mercury

Even one simple atom of mercury is harmful to the human body.

holistic mercury removal teeth

Stimulation Causes Mercury Release

When you create saliva this causes a heat exchange and the release of toxic chemicals in your mouth

mercury poisoning teeth

Mercury Is Poisonous

 Mercury is the most poisonous, non-radioactive, naturally occurring substance on our plane

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