What Is Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy?

laser assisted periodontal therapy treatmentIf you are suffering from periodontal disease and are looking for a minimally invasive treatment, look no further than LAPT which is Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy. Dr. Rawa Hassan is able to perform non-surgical holistic dental procedures on your soft tissues and gums using a diode laser for periodontal disease treatment. Many people choose this holistic dental approach because it is fast procedure, it is very gentle to your gums and mouth, and it doesn’t require a person to “go under” during the LAPT procedure. TLC Dentistry has patients who say the Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy is not as painful as surgery and would recommend it to anyone.

Benefits Of LAPT

laser-assisted-periodontal-therapy-florida-holistic dentist-rawa hassan-dunedinTLC Dentistry in Dunedin Fl uses LAPT because it dramatically reduces the chances for infection. This gentle procedure not only cuts the tissue but it can coagulate all at the same time which means faster healing and less post op complications such as infection and bacterial intrusion. This amazing procedure can perform minor surgical procedures and also eliminate chances for bacterial infection all at the same time. As a holistic and natural dentist, this methodology is in line with many of the main reasons to use a holistic dentist like TLC Dentistry.
Patients often ask about stitches or sutures when performing this non evasive procedure. The LAPT procedure does not require sutures for the laser wounds and the patient is not required to take anesthesia. The procedure as a whole takes minimal time and the patient is able to leave the office the same day. The instrument used are extremely delicate and small, leaving only a small footprint that the procedure was ever done. The first step in Laser Assisted periodontal Therapy is to remove any tartar build up as well as calcium deposits from the problem area hardening. The hardening on the teeth and gums comes from neglect of not brushing and flossing regularly. After all the calculus and tartar are removed, we then go in with a laser to pinpoint and target the problem area.

Is There Risk For Bacterial Infection After Treatment?

As Dr. Rawa Hassan move the laser round the infected portion of your mouth, she removes any bacteria with the laser and stimulates the gums to increase blood flow and circulation. The bacterial infection can deep in your teeth sockets and pockets and the diode laser is able to penetrate these hard to reach places very easily.

How Long Is The Laser Treatment Procedure Take?

holistic dentistThe LAPT holistic dental treatment is generally recommended to do once a week for a month. Anybody with pockets from 5mm to 10mm can expect a reduction using this approach.
We practice holistic dentistry here in Dunedin, FL because we are trying to treat your entire body health as a whole and not just remedy symptoms. All of the dental procedures we do here at TLC are natural and with the patients best interest. If you have received information about periodontal disease and have been recommended to go under the knife, Dr. Rawa Hassan is happy to give a second opinion for free on your options including non-surgical approaches. We believe that surgery is only needed as a last resort and will try to recommend a holistic approach such as LAPT.
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