LAPT Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy In Dunedin

Laser Gum therapy Tampa Bay dunedin flWhy Choose LAPT Therapy?

While treating periodontitis, Dr. Rawa uses a specific soft and hard tissue laser. The diseased tissue is removed and the healthy tissue is left intact and free of bacteria. Blood vessels and nerve endings are cauterized in order to reduce pain and bleeding which allows Dr. Rawa to prepare the tooth root and clean the infected bone. Using a laser allows for pinpoint accuracy.

LAPT Procedure

Consultation & Oral Exam

Upon reviewing your medical history and dental records, you will be given a thorough oral exam which will determine the exact condition your teeth and gums are in. An assessment will be made of the severity of the gum disease and you will be asked about any and all problems or discomfort you have been experiencing. All of your concerns and questions will be addressed.

Digital X-rays

X-rays will be given to assess the jawbone height since gum disease can cause bone loss.

Precise and Minimally Invasive Disinfection of Bacteria

The area that will be treated will be anesthetized and a trough will be prepared using the laser in order to gain access and visibility in order to eliminate the diseased tissue and eliminate any bacteria. By using this technique, Dr. Rawa will be able to eliminate the inflamed and diseased tissue all the way down to the pocket or space that has been created from the gum separating from the tooth.

Calculus Removal

Next, the laser is set up to remove the calculus, or plaque deposits that have been hardened, from the root of the tooth. A surgical microscope is used to determine any calculus that remains and the procedure is repeated until the surface of the root is completely cleaned.

Sealing the Pocket

The pocket will then be sealed using surgical glue in order to prevent any debris interfering with the healing process.

Laser Flap Surgery

In the case of advanced periodontitis, the doctor will create flaps in the gum tissue using the laser. Diseased tissue and calculus will then be removed.

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Learn About LAPT

There are many benefits of LAPT including a quieter and more comfortable procedure, fewer number of visits than surgical treatment, shorter recovery time, and fewer medical restrictions to name a few. LAPT is precisely targeted leading to a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy, or LAPT, is a minimally invasive way of taking care of gum disease and has an array of benefits as compared to normal periodontal surgery. The laser targets your healthy oral tissue specifically and leaves your healthy tissues in tact without damage. This keeps the patient comfortable and speeds up the healing process. Your gingival pockets are fully decontaminated as the laser increases blood flow within the tissue to generate gum reattachment.

With LAPT patients can get periodontal surgery with minimal comfort and faster healing and with less chance for infection. this is the best choice for patient in 2015 and beyond.

Top 3 Reasons To Choose Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy By TLC Dentistry

laser gum therapy

Less Discomfort

There is no cutting with scalpels or suturing. The pain with LAPT is very minimal.

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All it takes is two 2-hour visits to the office and two follow up visits.

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Less Than A 24 HOUR RECOVERY Period

You won’t lose time from work. Following traditional surgical procedures, recovery can take between to 2-4 weeks

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