Ten Ways to Know If Your Natural Dentist is Really A Holistic Dentist

holistic dentist tampa flYou should choose a natural and holistic dentist in Dunedin for you and the family with the same care as finding the right doctor. From a prevention standpoint, it could be said that it’s more important. What happens with someone’s oral health is a harbinger for what happens to the body later on.

Dr. Weston A. Price found this out while traveling to over a dozen remote traditional native communities during the early 20th century. Dr. Price chronicled his findings in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. He found that cultures enjoying ideal dental health also had the finest health in general.

Cultures deviating from ancestral diets suffered from tooth decay, degenerative and maladies and physical deformities. Dental malocclusions were inherent in one generation to the next. Discovering a holistic dentist who uses nontoxic methods and treatments that improve oral healthiness without harming the body’s systems elsewhere is problematic because scores of natural dentists laying claim to holistic practices are, in actuality, not.

On many dentists web sites and promotional pieces, they may claim to practice natural dentistry or holistic dentistry, but in actuality, these dentists are only selling supplements on their office shelves while the dental practices they use are conventionalists. Choose an office with a proven reputation, such as TLC Dentistry practicing in Tampa Bay Fl.

I once experienced a self-proclaimed natural dentist, but he was anything but. I wanted his opinion on holistic oral care, and traveled a long way with one of my children in tow, to get it. What I found was that he defined “holistic” as nothing more than a parent’s choice to allow fluoride treatments or not!

The rest of his practice was utterly conventional. The trip was beyond disappointing and an utter waste. Even so, I’m relieved I had the foresight to pose careful questions while consulting him. What if I had allowed him to treat my child!

But this man was not the only one in the area where I lived falsely calling himself holistic. A different dentist aggressively advertised himself as natural. Requiring x-rays on a regular basis for children, he misled a number of parents. There was no option offered allowing you to decline the x-rays. The receptionist there even went as far as to imply that parents who opt out of the procedure were negligent.

Considering that a published study in Cancer by Yale University’s Elizabeth Claus cited that people who undergo frequent dental x-rays are subject to the highest risk of brain tumors, the practice of frequent x-rays doesn’t strike me as very holistic. How about you?

How To Choose A Holistic Dentist

When choosing a practitioner of holistic dentistry, it’s imperative that you not take the doctor merely on his or her word!

You’ll want to create a block of questions ahead of time. Insist that the dentist consult with you face to face. The least you should do is politely but pointedly speak with the receptionist prior to accepting treatment of any kind, be it for you or your child. When you have located a dentist with some promise, consider the tips below. They will help you decide if your natural dentist is authentically holistic.

Characteristics of A Holistic Natural Dental Practice

1: Holistic Dentists Never Advocate Amalgam Fillings
Holistic dentists will never offer this as a choice. Truly holistic dental practitioners hold their own health, and the health of patients, in high regard. To avoid the risks of handling mercury as well as exposing themselves to its vapors, they would need to be surgically gowned and masked. If a dentist recommends amalgams for fillings, find someone else without delay. The vapors given off by mercury will float throughout a dental office. That is reason in and of itself to never return.

2: Holistic Dentists Will Not Do Fluoride Treatments
They know full well that fluoride negatively affects the IQ of children. It also risks leaving tooth enamel splotched white, weakens bones increases fracture risk, as well as harms the thyroid. An authentic practitioner of holistic dentistry would never recommend such damaging treatment for your child. How can a dentist who touts holistic practice even offer fluoride treatment as an option? Offering fluoride at all should raise a warning flag. That dentist isn’t authentically holistic.

#3: Dental Crowns Are Not a Natural Dentist’s First Choice
Authentically holistic dentists loathe drilling as a common first-choice option. Should cavities need filling, holistic practitioners keep the affected teeth as intact as they possibly can. Fillings made of non-toxic material are used. An inlay should be considered when cavities or holes are large. The removal of as much as two-thirds of the affected tooth is required when a crown is applied. As a result, holistic dentists resort to such types of dental restorations only if absolutely necessary. Don’t stay with a crown happy dentist. Find another one.

4: Natural Dentists Will Not Sell You on Sealants
Hormone disrupting Bisphenol A (BPA) make up the majority of sealants. An authentically holistic dentist will not subject patients to these, least of all children. If your dentists is claiming “BPA Free” sealants are safe, do not buy it. BPA’s chemical relation, BPS, is just as unsafe. Rene Vinas, a University of Texas researcher did a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, for all practical purposes, BPS is no different from BPA.

5: Natural Dentists Use X-Rays Sparingly
Until a child reaches the age of thirteen, my own holistic dentist will not subject children to x-rays. This is likely not the norm, whether a dentist is a natural practitioner or not. Even so, be wary of dentists that are adamant that each cleaning should be accompanied with rounds of bitewings. Even a recommendation by a dentist of once a year x-rays is suspect. Less is more when it comes to x-rays since radiation exposure is cumulative over a lifetime.

Resist being persuaded by the argument that the digital x-ray radiation is negligible, either, just because these are touted as about 50% lower in radiation on average. Those who are X-rayed often at a dentist’s office have a considerable rise in brain tumor risks, according to the earlier mentioned a study in Cancer by Elizabeth Claus of Yale University.

6: Natural Dentists Will Test Fillings before Applying.
Dentists qualified in natural practices do blood tests or applied kinesiology (muscle testing) when determining what material is biologically best for a patient. Dental practitioners who don’t test will simply use the composites they prefer for all their patients, without regard to patient health or history. These dentists only think they’re holistic.

7: Homeopathy and Vitamin C are used by Natural Dentists for Invasive Surgery
During the surgery I had last year, homeopathy drops were administered just before the procedure instead of drugs. During the actual operation, this allowed much less painkillers to be used.
When the surgery was done, I was at once given whole food based, oral Vitamin C (not synthetic ascorbic acid) in juice form to give my healing a kick start. The result was a recovery with no need for antibiotics. A prescription from the dentist wasn’t needed, my discomfort was minimal and I experienced a single problem.

8: Infrared Devices are used for After-Surgery Healing rather than Pain Med by Natural Dentists
After that same surgery, the hand-held apparatus given to me to take home emitted mild infrared heat. Holding it close to my affected jaw, I administered the heat in twenty to thirty minute interval several times daily. There was a reduction in discomfort and it speeded healing. It worked and felt great! After the removal of my stitches, it could be seen that the surgical area was healing wonderfully, plus no pain-killers were need whatsoever while I recovered.

9: Unless Wisdom Teeth Causes Problems, Natural Dentists Try Not To Remove Them
Dr. Jay Friedman DDS says, in a published study published found in the American Journal of Public Health, that over two-thirds of wisdom tooth extractions are completely unnecessary. Something like five-million people undergo wisdom tooth removal every year. Of these, eleven thousand suffer “permanent paresthesia,” which is numbness of the cheek, tongue and lip, a result of nerve damage that occurs in surgery.
Only when wisdom teeth cause problems should removal be considered. When removal becomes necessary, a natural dentist makes sure cavitations are not created, as that can create health issues later on. A warning sign that a dental office doesn’t have honest membership in the holistic establishment is if the dentist regularly pulls wisdom teeth without any evidence of pain or infection.

#10: Root Canals are Rarely (and in some case, never) Done by Natural Dentists.
Nutritional support can swiftly overturn the need for a root canal. Very often, infected teeth which non-holistic dentists identify as in need of root canals actually respond very well to the clearing of toxic dental materials in and around the tooth or being treated with herbs or homeopathy.
A root canal is done and a crown is placed over the affected tooth, the tooth is entirely destroyed. This is a near guarantee for chronic bacterial outflow into the bloodstream. If a root canal is suggested by your dentist, get a second opinion.

Finding a Natural Dentist in Your Community.
Do you already know an authentically holistic Dunedin dentist? Help your community by sharing your experience. Post the dentist’s name, location and office information in the comments section to benefit the people of your community. If you’re looking for an authentically holistic Dunedin dentist, TLC Dentistry is a trusted partner in the field.