Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Dental health and wisdom teethTeeth are important and we have been told since the time we were little that we need to take care of our teeth. But what happens when our own teeth turn against us and cause us pain right from the start? This is what happens for some people when it comes to their wisdom teeth. Understanding wisdom teeth health and how to tell if you have impacted wisdom teeth is important to taking care of not just your wisdom teeth every tooth! Here at TLC Dental we have made it our business to know teeth inside and out and to help all of our patients enjoy a healthy smile- this includes dealing with possible wisdom teeth issues.

If you are experiencing any problems with your wisdom teeth, it might be time to consider having them removed if they are getting to be painful or pose a threat to the rest of your teeth or your overall dental health. Here is what you will need to know to get started:

Wisdom Teeth 101

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to break through the gums and are located at the very far back of the jaw, behind the molars. By the time late teens and early twenty years, these teeth start to break through the gums- if there is room. And this is where the problem lies.

Due to changes in human biology over time, most people today do not have room for these teeth to fully come in. They do not have room to come in normally and will become impacted or partially impacted with either none or only part of the tooth ever breaking through the gums. This usually means the wisdom teeth are stuck in the jawbone and this can be very painful since they are not meant to be there permanently.

When the teeth have become impacted, complications can arise that put your teeth and gums at risk. The most common dangers in leaving impacted wisdom teeth in place include damage and shifting of the other teeth in the mouth, increased chance for gum disease, weakening of the jaw bone, painful tender gums around the molars, and infection. This is why it is important to understand wisdom teeth health and to know when you might be experiencing impacted wisdom teeth.

Warning Signs for Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

There are number of signs that indicate you might be facing wisdom tooth woes but three of the most commonly seen are:

– Pain and tenderness of the gums at the back of the mouth, sometimes radiating into the jaw and down through the neighboring molars
– Difficulty chewing or putting any pressure on the back teeth due to the pain of the teeth being stuck
– Redness and/or swelling visible in the gums around the area where the wisdom teeth should have been coming through the gums


The treatment for impacted wisdom teeth is usually removal. Sometimes the teeth can be cut out easily if there was room and they simply were not coming in for some reason. In other cases, if there was no room for the teeth and they were starting to crowd the molars, the wisdom teeth may have to be broken and removed in pieces. Simple extractions can be done under mild sedation but more advanced surgical removals will require general anesthesia to be carried out.  Recovery is usually about a week so long as no complications arise and a liquid diet is usually recommended for the first few days and then soft foods only until the extraction sites have fully healed.

TLC Dental has years of experience working with a wide range of wisdom teeth extraction cases and we can help you stop living in pain and give you reason to smile again! Call us today or stop by and make an appointment and let us show you why wisdom teeth health is so important to your overall dental care routine and how impacted wisdom teeth can be dealt with. Dr. Hassan’s highly trained staff is ready to help with any questions you have. Please call (727) 785-2467 or use our Contact Page.