Holistic Dentists & Eco Dentistry

eco dentistryThere’s a new buzz phrase going around the halls of holistic dentistry: Eco Dentistry. And it’s not just some passing phase among holistic dentists who promote healthy, natural dental practices. According to a recent article by Peter Cobabe that was published on HolisticDentistry.news, eco dentistry is a natural extension of the now well-established holistic dental movement.

So, does that mean there’s a difference between an holistic dentist and an eco dentist? Let’s find out.

Holistic Dentists & Eco Dentists: Is There A Difference?

It’s safe to say that most holistic dentists didn’t get into the dental industry “just to make the big bucks.” Most dentists, holistic or otherwise, put their patients first. But holistic dentists, also known as natural dentists, tend to be a breed apart in their beliefs regarding many of the dental practices approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). By the very nature of the type of dentistry they embrace, holistic dentists want to go above and beyond when it comes to looking out for their patients.

Holistic dentists observe a balance between natural and modern medicine in all aspects of dentistry, whether it involves dental health procedures like mercury and amalgam removal or essential self-esteem matters like cosmetic dentistry. A natural extension to this desire to offer the public the very best care possible is what is becoming known as eco dentistry.

Eco dentistry chiefly consists of environmentally friendly designs and practices intended to more effectively guard the immediate health of patients and staff while also reducing negative impact on communities and even global environment. It is a model for oral health care founded on the principle that there is an undeniable connection between human health and the wellbeing of the environment.

Holistic dentists are very often eco dentists without the conscious intention of being so. Holistic dental practices often reduce waste and pollution. They save water and energy and use digital technology techniques and equipment that benefit patients and the environment.

But eco dentistry doesn’t just prevent pollution. It also promotes sustainability. It is a facet within a larger march toward more ecologically-minded health care aimed at bettering the health of patients, office professionals and workers, local communities, and those of the world at large.

As dental professionals who incorporate natural methods into the traditional one of dentistry, holistic dentists focus on their patients’ complete state of physical and emotional health rather than only people’s oral health. Using natural treatment in partnership certain conventional methods, holistic dentists aim to better spot, avert and treat oral disease. Holistic dentistry is bases on the belief that the oral cavity is not a separate system but is as integrated into the body as all the others. Therefore, many diseases and conditions of the mouth and teeth directly affect people’s overall health and wellbeing.

Since its inception in the late 1970’s holistic dentistry has not only aimed to deliver healthier, more natural dental care, but to also inform and educate dental professionals regarding the connection of biological dentistry and create a dialogue between the dental fields, other healthcare professionals and the public regarding the healthy benefits of the holistic model.

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To read the full article cited above, go to HolisticDentistry.news.