Full Mouth Reconstruction

full mouth reconstruction flWhat Is Full Mouth Restoration?

A Full Mouth Reconstruction procedure can greatly improve your quality of life. The human mouth is an extremely complex system which is made up of different parts and tissues that include your gums, teeth,jaw, and inner cheeks. A full mouth restoration is actually a comprehensive treatment of all your oral health issues that pertain to all the systems mentioned above. Since Dr. Rawa addresses the entire entity of your mouth, she is able to restore the natural beauty you were born with and give you back your smile and confidence at the same time.

Oral Health In Unison

If you have one part of your oral health not working correctly, it can affect the other parts and cause them to malfunction as well. Our job at TLC Dental in Dunedin Fl is to catch any and all oral diseases you might have early so you don’t have to worry about a full mouth restoration. Some examples of the ways that might cause a major problem down the road for you could be a malocclusion which can reduce overall bite strength, cause tooth decay, and other issues leading to greater complications. another way that could affect you is if you are suffering from dental caries there is a chance you have periodontal infection which can lead to bone loss and gum infections.

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Learn About Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive and inclusive dental treatment that seeks to revitalize your smile and your oral health. Each patient’s oral anatomy and dental needs are unique, as should be their treatment.
Different dental health problems are prioritized by the immediateness of the health risk they pose. TLC Dentistry will assess where you lie in the procedure cycle and address the tooth decay and gum disease problems first. From there you might need periodontal therapy, dental implants, bridges, or other procedures to continue down your journey. Make sure to call today to sign up for a consultation to find out what dental procedures you will need for your full mouth restoration.

Top 3 Reasons To Choose A Full Mouth Reconstruction By TLC Dentistry

full mouth recnstruction benefits

Refresh Your Smile

help safeguard your oral health by comprehensively treating various issues that can compromise your dental well being.

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Tooth Loss and Your Health

If you are missing teeth it can accumulate debris causing infection through bacteria and create bone loss.

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Restore Natural Facial Contours

If you are missing teeth, your face may sag or droop due to bone loss. FMR can restore your natural smile.

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