Teeth are very important for overall health and wellness and issues connected to your teeth and gums can impact other areas of your body. Unlike some animals of the world, like sharks, we do not have a limitless number of teeth. We get one set of permanent teeth and that is it, so it is of the utmost importance that we protect those teeth and take care of them. That is what your neighborhood dentists is there for; but why do dentists sometimes remove teeth? Dental extractions are usually avoided at all costs but at times, they are necessary in order to keep you healthy. To find out more about Loop Perio in Chicago at some point and time, read on!

Dental Extractions

The only true reason why a dentist will consider the option of dental extraction or surgery is that it is the best or only way to prevent further harm or damage from happening to your teeth. At times, a cavity or infection has damaged a tooth so much it is now a risk to the other teeth surrounding it so the best course of action is to remove the tooth and the damaged and diseased materials.  Several of the other reasons why you may need an extraction include- a cracked or damaged tooth, a loose tooth due to gum disease, a gum infection spreading to the teeth, bone loss of the gum affecting the teeth, or any other dental issue that has compromised the health or strength of the tooth beyond repair. TLC Dentistry understands the importance of teeth and the impact just one missing tooth can cause. This is why we also offer a full range of cosmetic dental procedures to help you retain your healthy-looking smile, keep your teeth in alignment, and protect against future issues or problems.  If you would like to learn more these or any of our other services our staff would love to speak with you today!

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Not matter your dental needs, the TLC Dentistry team knows how to take care of it. From dental extractions to cosmetic procedures to general dental care, we can help every member of your family get and maintain the smile they want. If you have any questions about why you may need an extraction or how to keep your teeth healthy, give us a call and set up an appointment today. We would be glad to become your family dental care experts!